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Don’t Miss: UNICA event on Nov 14 at COP22

WHAT: “Bioethanol: A renewable, low carbon energy source ready to use!”

WHO: Hosted by UNICA – the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association

WHEN: Monday, November 14th at 13H40 (WET)

WHERE: Brazilian Pavilion in COP 22 – Marrakech, Morocco

The event will help to inform negotiations at the conference by providing policymakers with background on the potential of bioethanol to support the transition to a low-carbon global transport sector as a renewable alternative to fossil fuels, using the existing fleet of vehicles and fuel infrastructure.

Speakers will present information outlining the experience of Brazil and other countries in using blended and pure ethanol in different transportation vehicles.

Opening remarks will be delivered by José Miguez – Secretary on Climate Change and Environmental Quality from the Brazilian Ministry of Environment.

The event will then host a panel discussion featuring:

• Mr. Tasso Azevedo, Coordinator – Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimate Systems (SEEG)
• Mrs. Karin Haara, Executive Director – World Bioenergy Association
• Mr. Cédric Philibert, Senior Analyst on Energy and Climate Change – International Energy Agency

The panel will be moderated by UNICA CEO Elizabeth Farina who will lead the discussion on the advantages of sugarcane ethanol use and provide details from the Brazilian experience in producing it in a sustainable way.

The panel discussion will be followed by a 30 minutes for Q&A session, Alfred Szwarc, the UNICA emissions consultant.

All registered COP22 attendees are welcome to attend!


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